Fork & Fin - Trident's food truck showcasing Alaska pollock

In 2017 Trident seafoods launched an engaging experiment to educate people about Alaska pollock. The food truck showcases pollock in a diverse array of dishes. You can find the tried-and-true 'Alaskan Beer Battered fish tacos' to the innovative 'Peanut Butter and Jelly Ultimate Fish Sticks'. 

Alaskan Pollock is the most abundant certified-sustainable seafood species in the world. Plus, it leaves a much lower carbon footprint on our planet than land based proteins, such as cattle and poultry. It is our mission to show the world how delicious this often over-looked, under-appreciated cousin to cod truly is – one serving at a time. 
— Fork & Fin

The truck operates all over Seattle and relocates daily! If you want to try delicious Alaska pollock you can locate the truck at the Fork & Fin website. Also you can take a look at their beautiful food on Instagram.