Funding for the PCCRC is provided by the following members of the Pollock Conservation Cooperative, part of the At-sea Processors Association


"[American Seafoods Company ] harvests, processes, distributes and markets a diverse array of seafood products from sustainably managed fisheries in U.S. waters off Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. American Seafoods provides our global customers with high-quality and healthy marine products from sustainable, wild fisheries. We create consistent value for our customers, stakeholders, and employees by providing innovative solutions that satisfy the world’s growing need for nutritious products. We inspire our employees to do their very best by providing a great work environment and being a respected member of the communities we serve."


“We believe management of fishery resources should be based on sound scientific research. UAF has a remarkably effective program for both education and research on issues of critical importance for responsible fishery management. In a world where the marine environment seems to be changing faster all the time, accurately assessing such changes and understanding how to respond quickly is essential, not only for maintaining a healthy environment but for a healthy industry.”

— Jan Jacobs, director of government affairs for American Seafoods Company
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"Glacier Fish Company is dedicated to producing the highest quality frozen-at-sea groundfish products in the world. We accomplish our mission with a day-in-and-day-out commitment to quality, consistent attention to detail, and an on-going concern for the stability and health of the North Pacific fishery resource. Whether you are a long-time customer or trying us for the first time, we believe you will see our commitment in the entire line of GlacierFreeze products."

"Aleutian Spray Fisheries was established in 1969 by Naval Architect, Henry Swasand, with the acquisition of the crab vessel Aleutian Spray. Today, a third generation of Swasands is active in the management of Aleutian Spray Fisheries. During the crab industry's peak, the Aleutian Spray Fisheries fleet grew to include the fishing vessels Starfish, Nordic Star, Starward and Starlite. Each vessel was built in Pacific Northwest shipyards to the Swasand family's exacting specifications.  Today the firm's fleet also includes three Longliner vessels as well as partnerships with two research vessels. The firm was among the pioneers of the Americanization of vast stocks of Bering Sea groundfish that had formerly been harvested, processed and marketed by foreign fleets. "

"We are a business built on the ocean, and we’ll always champion seafood. Trident is relentlessly focused on bringing you and your family the healthiest, freshest, best-tasting products imaginable. We’ll keep working tirelessly to bring you the best Alaska has to offer, while steadfastly ensuring our oceans remain rich and bountiful for another 40 years, and hopefully 40 more after that, too."


How our funding works

In 1987 the Alaska Education Tax Credit (ETC) was established which encourages businesses to make charitable contributions to Alaska educational institutions. The ETC is a non-transferable, non-refundable credit that a business can apply against their state taxes. Donations by the above mentioned companies are applied to their Fisheries Business Tax / Fisheries Resource Landing Tax. In addition to funding research and graduate fellowships the members established the Ted Stevens Distinguished Professorship of Marine Policy. This position is currently held by Dr. Keith Criddle. More details about the tax credit are outlined in the information sheet produced by the UA Foundation below.

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