New research published by Cunningham et al. investigates Chinook salmon survival

Project 15-01 investigated Chinook salmon survival with a life stage-structured statistical population dynamics model. The work is published in Global Change Biology. You can read more about the work by following the link in the citation below!

Cunningham, C.J., P.A.H. Westley, and M.D. Adkison. 2018. Signals of large scale climate drivers, hatchery enhancement, and marine factors in Yukon River Chinook salmon survival revealed with a Bayesian life history model. Global Change Biology 24(9): 4399–4416.

PCCRC funded student Tessa Minicucci successfully defended her Master's research

On Wednesday April 18th Tessa Minicucci presented her Master's research entitled 'Determining the effects of Asian pink (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha) and chum (O.keta) salmon on western Alaska chum salmon growth' in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the MS in Fisheries. 

Information about her specific project including annual reports and presentations can be found here:

A recording of Ms. Minicucci's presentation is online and available here: